Accept’s new album – quality over quantity


In a recent interview with Chaoszine Wolf Hoffmann talked about his plans on the next studio album by Accept.

When he was asked whether he had used any of the coronavirus downtime to work on new music, Wolf said:  “I wish I had, but I was in a sort of hold-and-hurry-up-and-wait situation. The new album [2021’s ‘Too Mean To Die’] was just done. I was proud. I was happy. It’s all in the can. I wanted to go out on the road. And then that didn’t happen. So then I didn’t feel like, ‘Let me write another album.’ It’s, like, ‘No. I’m not quite in the mood yet.’ I wasn’t. So I got some stuff done but not a whole lot. And now that I’m out on the road and we’re all out here touring and seeing the audience reactions, now I’m fired up. And as a matter of fact, I was just upstairs in my room writing some stuff because I’m in the saddle again. But I was basically in a funk these last couple of years.”

“Any chance I get, I’m collecting ideas and we definitely wanna go into the studio, maybe after this next tour, and record some new stuff, for sure… We’ll have to wait and see when we’re ready. We’re ready when we’re ready. There’s no sense in pumping out album after album, I think also for the audience. I always think it’s better to have quality over quantity. I don’t wanna just release stuff to have it out. You really wanna make sure it’s done right and you’re in the right place and the audience is ready for it and all that kind of stuff.”