The truth is that many years have passed since the last studio album of the Norwegians. “Abrahadabra” was released on 2010 and since then…silence. But as it seems, 2017 will be their year. Besides this one, their new album will finally be available at some point during this year. So, the question is, what is this live DVD? A masterpiece. So simple. Two separate shows, two different epic performances.

Firstly, the massive show in Oslo. Impressive venue, amazing stage setting, performed together with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Choir. The one that the band used also on their last album. The orchestra on the left, the choir on the right (while wearing black robes and hoods!) and the band in the middle dressed with the usual theatrical costumes and corpsepaint.  A result that can’t be easily described. You watch it and begin to wonder how the hell did they manage to set all this up. The setlist consists almost the entire “Abrahadabra” with the most known songs of their past following. The performance of all the musicians is flawless, the choir amazing while the direction and the light show just confirm the perfection of the final result. Also, terrific guest appearance from Agnete Kjolsrud with her unique voice in “Gateways”.

The second DVD features the show in Wacken Open Air, this time with the National Czech Symphonic Orchestra. Clearly the available space on stage was much smaller, as it seems very crowded with the band, the orchestra and the choir. Also, their show started during daytime, so the final result lacks of good atmosphere at the beginning in comparison with the end when the night has fallen. The setlist in exactly the same with the one in Oslo, so from the two shows the most impressive is definitely the one in their home country. But still, they managed to bring an entire orchestra and choir in an open-air festival and from a different country. This is a truly impressive result from Dimmu Borgir, no matter how you see it. Just imagine those endless hours of rehearsing and planning in order to perform these shows. It’s not hard to see their devotion in order to achieve the final result.

Finally, the first DVD has a bonus documentary with behind-the-scenes footage of the massive stage show in Oslo. This release can be found in many formats, depending on what a fan of Dimmu Borgir likes. It is also available in Blu-ray, while there are also the audio parts of the two shows, with each one taking place in two CDs. An amazing release from a top band. Forces of the northern light, assemble! Forces of the northern night, call to arms!