The General took the decision to leave behind him the Accept era once and for all. Good or not, the truth is that he has a longer career with his personal band and it’s natural to want to focus on this. After all, Accept are more than active so it’s easy for anyone to listen to their songs from them.

In the beginning, he had two shows in mind. They quickly became a world tour and the live album of the tour was recorded in Memmingen, Germany in April 2016. This wasn’t enough for the fans who requested visual material and the result is this DVD, filmed in Brno, Czech Republic in December 2016, showing the success of this tour. A tour that of course came also to Greece, that amazing night in Piraeus Academy.

To sum it up, there is no Accept fan that cannot enjoy this. Two hours and more filled with material we loved, with a band that does great job and of course with the electric voice of our beloved Udo who doesn’t feel the consequences of time and continues to give his best on stage. The setlist consists of 24 hymns of the 1980-1986 era. That means from “I’m A Rebel” up to “Russian Roulette”, with most songs of course being divided in the four masterpieces that were released between these two albums. We listen to songs that are logical not to fit in the current Accept setlist, such as the great “Winter Dreams”, “Head Over Heels”, “Neon Knights”, “Up To The Limit” and “Midnight Highway” among others.

The fans are decent enough and the only part that I didn’t enjoy is something that always gets on my nerves, the various solos of the musicians. I understand that they are necessary for the singer to rest his voice, so I’ll just say that they pass without interest. There are no extras, but in the double CD that comes along we listen to a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Lastly, I have to say for any of you who reads these words in time and in case you haven’t noticed it yet, Udo will come for an exclusive show in Greece in which he will present this particular set. It will be one of his last shows as Dirkschneider, because soon the next U.D.O. album will be released. The place? Chania Rock Festival. A great opportunity to listen for the last time historic songs by this historic voice.