Reunited Norwegian/American hard rockers TNT are continuing work on their new studio LP, tentatively due next year via Frontiers Music Srl. Singer Tony Harnell told Sunnmøre about the progress of the recording sessions: “We are trying to finish this album, which is very promising. I’m pretty excited about it. I think we’ve created something which is maybe… some of the songs are familiar TNT-sounding, and a lot of it is very different. So far, Ronni [Le Tekrø, guitar] and I are pretty excited about it. We’re kind of focused on getting that done, but we’re getting rushed a lot by the business people. But we’re trying to kind of make sure it’s great. It’s always that sort of thing of meeting a deadline but making sure that it’s great at the same time. Because, you know, we don’t make a lot of records anymore — most bands don’t — so it’s important that… it’s more like every album counts now. And not that it didn’t before, but in the old days, it was just more like [a constant flow of releases], and if you got lucky with one of them, that was great. Maybe the next one sucked, but it didn’t matter, because another one was gonna come in the next year.”