Director George Romero died yesterday, Sunday July 16th, he was famous for his movie “Night Of The Living Dead” (1968) and one of the most influential figures in horror films. He was named “Father of the zombie movies”. Romero died in his sleep, while he was suffering from lung cancer. He was 77.

Except from the obvious connection that he had with our favourite music, Romero had an even more immediate one as he directed a video for Misfits, “Scream” (which you can watch below). The director needed a rock band to shoot the final scene for the movie “Bruiser”. Misftits agreed to take part in the film and wrote two songs for the soundtrack (“Fiend Without A Face” and “Bruiser”) and in return they asked Romero to direct their video.

The legendary director was working on a new film at the moment, “Race Of The Dead”, who was described by himself as “The Fast and the Furious” with zombies”, which is unknown how it will develop.