In a recent interview James Kotttak revealed that there is a chance for Kingdom Come to reunite with their original members for some shows. “I’m actually talking to Lenny in hopes we can, next year, do a Kingdom Come — I don’t want to call it a reunion, but a Kingdom Come regroup because it will be the 30th anniversary of our debut album” said the drummer to Shut Up & Rock On. “I know we’ve never done this. The original five (members) are available and we were actually going to do this around 2012-13, but as you know, Scorpions said farewell and changed their mind and we continued on. So I had to put that on the backburner. Now, we’re talking and we’ll see what happens. I love that. I love the music and the people. Lenny’s great, the whole band is great. We’ll see what happens”, Kottak said.