Need Norchestration Fiasco

Progressive metallers Need, shared an update regarding the preorders for the LP version of their latest masterpiece, “Norchestrion: A Song For The End” in their Facebook page:


(Spoiler alert: it is not good news – MAJOR label screw up involved)

First of all, and before getting into the details, we want to make clear that from this moment on, Need are no longer associated IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM with Ikaros Records, after the label’s failure to meet our agreed upon deal and provide us with the LP version of our last album. Ever since we sent out the necessary production files (both sound as well as artwork files) in the middle of last October we have been lied to repeatedly for months on end as well as promised that the records are being delivered ‘any day now’. All that without ever seeing any actual proof (tracking numbers, factory production emails, invoices etc.) despite asking for them again and again. Thankfully everything else regarding the release (cd and merchandise manufacturing, promotion, videos etc.) was handled directly by the band so all that was done properly and according to the plan. But since we had no direct involvement with the vinyl production, we were left to trust all the (now proved false) updates that came from the label.

The short version of things is that for reasons beyond our knowledge and control, our vinyls never went into production, something we found out only a few days ago after more repeated lies and false promises that all is going according to plan. This vinyl drama has been going on for months and months and there is A LOT of surreal details in the story which we’d rather not get into. There was even a period of more than one month where we were getting no answers at all to phone calls, emails or text messages to the label, all the same time getting tons of messages every day from people asking for updates on their orders, leaving us with practically nothing to tell them. Following this unprecedented, embarrassing and ultimately upsetting situation and after cutting all ties with Ikaros Records, we have started the procedure of manufacturing all the already announced vinyl versions (standard, golden, limited edition box set) on our own starting from scratch.

What this means practically is that it’s gonna be a few months until we have those precious and long-awaited LPs in our hands (unfortunately delivery estimation at this point with everything going on is anywhere between 3-5 months). Although as you can imagine your support means the world to us now more than ever, for those of you who have made your order via our Bandcamp store, we will of course give full refunds to anyone who wants one and doesn’t want to wait until the LPs finally arrive. In case you have placed orders via the label please ask for a refund immediately as they will not be carrying any copies of the album when it finally arrives.

We really can’t express how sorry we are for this situation but ultimately, we are taking responsibility for trusting what proved to be such an incompetent, irresponsible and unprofessional behavior by the label. As we speak, we are getting finished with all the factory paperwork and once all this is complete, we will be able to let you know of an estimate delivery time (only this time it will be for real).

Thank you for your understanding, love and support!