Epica will release their seventh album, titled “The Holographic Principle” on October 1st through Nuclear Blast. According to the singer Simone Simmons, who gave an interview to SparkTV, the band will have an even bigger orchestra and choir this time, as well as different instruments and more growls from Mark Jansen. However, Simone pointed out that Epica is a metal band: “I think it needs to be all in balance,” she said. “We are, in heart, a metal band going in the symphonic direction. The orchestration, the choir is a little bit like the seventh and eighth bandmember of Epica, and that’s something we’ll always keep in there. And the choir parts are often very catchy, the choruses are very catchy. But on this record, besides having catchy melodies, we also wanted to have really groovy vocal lines. And that’s something that we worked on as well; we changed up some things to make it less predictable.”