According to the Daily Telegraph tapes with previously unreleased material from the Rolling Stones that was recorded 50 years ago was discovered. Those recordings should have been burned, as was the normal practice for unwanted material back in the day, but ended up in 19 year old Jeremy Nielsen’s possession. Nielsen was a friend to one of the sound engineers the Stones were working with at the time and never listened to the material, but just stored it in his attic. While reading Keith Richard’s autobiography recently he remembered that he had the tapes at home. “The Stones weren’t popular or big at the time and I have no idea why it was still at the studio three years after it was recorded,” said Nielsen. “I don’t even think the band even know it existed”. The material includes two versions of “As Tears Go By”, “Congratulations” and “No One Loves You More Than Me”, which has never seen the light of day. Now, the tapes will go to auction on April 3rd and it’s up to the band to take hold of them, or some rich fan going home with previously unreleased Stones songs. The most amazing thing about this tape is that the quality is so clear, maybe it was a master tape. I’m not a big fan of the Stones, but Mick Jagger‘s voice does sound very good on it,” he admitted. “I just want to find a good home for it, hopefully with someone who has a lot of money. The last thing I want is the bootleggers to get hold of it.”