Steel Gallery Records presents the comeback album “Deny Reality” (SGR CD-069) of legendary Greek Progressive/Power Metallers SORROWFUL WINDS!

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RELEASE DATE: April 15th, 2022

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“Deny Reality” is the band’s fourth full length that marks their return seven years after their previous “Non-Aligned” album. Power, melody, complexity and dark atmosphere are the main features of the band’s current sound portrait that is highlighted through an album that will satisfy all those who are still in search for some first class Progressive Metal.

SORROWFUL WINDS was one of the first bands of the 90s Greek Progressive Metal movement with legendary releases like their same titled “Sorrowful Winds” second demo and their “Imminent Arrival” debut album. From the very first days the band has managed to build its own trademark sound, keeping it as their main starting point, they go through a remarkable sonic evolution offering a new delightful piece of musical art. This is Prog Metal of the new age: Technical, theatrical, strange and beautiful: SORROWFUL WINDS are wisely exploring its dark variation.

If you adore the tech-vision of late era of SYMPHONY X, combined with the KING DIAMOND and CANDLEMASS blessings plus lots of PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, SANCTUARY and CRIMSON GLORY, then you should not miss this sonic masterpiece of dark expressionism. SORROWFUL WINDS are back! For good!

Track listing:

01. Deny Reality 05.16

02. Silence In The Morning 04.37

03. Time Pills 06.04

04. To Slay The Last One 06.30

05. Ocean Drown Me 05.53

06. Satan’s Heart 07.56

07. Quite Evil 05.10

08. 3 Years Old 04.23

09. Gone 06.32


Mike I. – Vocals

Thanasis Hatziagapis – Guitars

Tasos Iosifidis – Bass & Keyboards

Kostas Exarchakos – Drums

Lyric video by Gabriel management.

Music composed by Tasos Iosifidis / Thanasis Hatziagapis

Lyrics written by Mike I.

Music arranged and produced by S.W.

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Dionisis Christodoulatos

at CFN Recordings studio, Athens – Greece

Drums and bass recorded by Diogenes Kyrantzoglou at Piper Studio, Piraeus – Greece

Original drawings and paintings by Konstantinos Tzalalis Art

Album cover artwork by Tasos Iosifidis


The Imminent Arrival (S7 Records, 1999) CD

The Age Of Dreams (NMC Music, 2001) CD

Non-Aligned (Independent, 2014) CDr

Deny Reality (Steel Gallery Records, 2022) CD