In a recent post on social media on December 29th, Tony Iommi remembered Cozy Powell on his birthday and he confirmed the news of the re-release of the Sabbath album released via I.R.S..

“Cozy Powell would have been 75 today. Looking forward to the release of the IRS albums in 2023, a tribute to his great playing”.

Note that Black Sabbath signed to I.R.S. in 1988 after “The Eternal Idol” pure reception and as a result being dropped by both Vertigo and Warner Bros.. So, I.R.S. released “Headless Cross” (1989), “TYR” (1990), “Dehumazizer” (1992), “Cross Purposes” (1994), “Cross Purposes Live” (1995), “Forbidden” (1995), as well as the compilation “The Sabbath Stones” (1996). Cozy Powell played on the first two and on “Cross Purposes” (for the tour he was replaced by Bobby Rondinelli), and Tony Martin sung on all the above, except of course “Dehumanizer”, for which Dio briefly returned to the band.

Recently, in an interview the singer mentioned that all the album of his time with Sabbath were to be re-released in 2022 as a boxset, while Iommi, as we have reported in the past, had spoken about that as well.