Alice Cooper – Super Duper


Over the last years, the audiovisual material which is officially released by Alice Cooper has an amazing rate. We have just to remember “Old School”, this incredible box set that was released recently. We have seen material with live performances, interviews with the Prince of Darkness and his (current and former) bandmates and co workers, backstage and touring material which offered us a full picture of the artist.

“Super Duper – Welcome To His Nightmare” is a similar case. It is a double DVD, the first of which is a documentary mainly about the early years of the career of Alice Cooper, including interviews of himself, Neil Smith, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin and others of his environment, scenes from horror movies which influenced Cooperman, live clips and many other similar issues. However, they sometimes seem unneeded and overindulge, and interesting only for the core of his fans. Of course it’s nice watching them, but maybe it is too much to buy a DVD with them, once you got the previous ones. Perhaps the most interesting thing in this first DVD is the assumption of Alice that he was taking drugs during 70s (for those who pretend they didn’t know it).
The profit from the purchase of this release is the second DVD, which includes the thirty-five minute performance of Alice Cooper in Montreal, Canada in January 1972 (between some tracks there has been an edit). Here we have a really “new” material as  we had never seen before something from this important period of Alice. It is the earliest live performance that has officially been released.
For the most demanding of the fans (how much more;) there is also the deluxe edition with a sixty-page book in a twelve-inches dimension, the DVD with the documentary in blue ray format and also a cd with the live performance of Alice Cooper in Montreux, in July, 2009.
I think that with this release we know everything regarding the life of Alice Cooper and it’s time for us to wait for a new studio album of the tireless and great Cooperman.