This is a very important and significant release for Metallica for a variety of reasons. First of all, this is the first product that comes out by Metallica’s own label, Blackened Recordings. For the time being, we don’t know which will be the deal with the band’s upcoming studio record (scheduled for 2014) but the fact remains that after almost 30 years of working with colossal, multinational labels, Metallica decided to carry the flag on their own. In addition, one cannot stand indifferent while watching “Quebec Magnetic” as it captures in its all glory a band that had risen out of its ashes by releasing the best studio offering since the “Black Album” days. Last but certainly not least, it is fascinating and impressive that Metallica performed a total of 26 songs during a two-day stint in Quebec (something that they did actually in various cities around the world during that “Death Magnetic” tour).

Personally speaking, this specific DVD reminded me of the two live shows that I had the pleasure to see in Birmingham and London (along with two good friends and colleagues from Rockpages) during the band’s UK leg of the “Death Magnetic Tour”. The stage in the middle of the venue, the flamboyant light show, the sensational stage props with the four coffins hanging above the heads of Ulrich/Hetfield/Hammett/Trujillo, the flawless sound, the perfect camera views, the state of the art mixing, the imposing figure of Hetfield, the bombastic Lars and the storming set of classic (and not only) songs are all included here in this package that contains Metallica’s full show from the first day in Quebec and excerpts from the second day.

This tour –that didn’t make a stop in Greece- proved that Metallica were reborn after “Death Magnetic” while it testifies that this is the best heavy metal band when it comes down to live shows. So, after “Death Magnetic” and “Beyond Magnetic”…here comes “Quebec Magnetic”…what’s next? Metallica and…Lars For Life!