Having made an amazing comeback since 2008 with “The Formation Of Damnation” and “Dark Roots Of Earth”, the American trashers present to us live the Testament of today. Who are they? They are the Testament of the first period and mainly until the mid-90’s with the addition of experience and absolute maturity. Besides we are talking about the original and classic roster of the band with the exception of the drummer Gene Hoglan that took the place of Louie Clemente.

All these are clearly reflected both audibly and visually in “Dark Roots Of Thrash”. This DVD, which is accompanied by two CDs, involves the performance of Testament at Paramount Theatre, in Huntington, New York on February 15 of the current year. This concert is part of the promo tour for the “Dark Roots Of Earth” from which Testament have included in the set list the first four tracks.

This live performance of Testament really impresses with both the dynamism of the music and the interpretations of the new but also the unforgettable moments of the past; “Practice What You Preach”, “Trial By Fire”, “Into The Pit”, “New Order”, “DNR”, “Over The Wall”… you know… The shots are also very good and very close to the needs of the viewer, with many of them showing the fans had flooded the venue.
On the sidelines of Testament live performance, the extras as we use to say, there is a video clip of “Native Blood” from “Dark Roots Of Earth” and a few-minute footage with backstage snapshots from that tour.

I regard “Dark Roots Of Thrash” as an essential purchase for the thrash fans and I would also like to mention that it is released in a beautiful package with an iron case.